Doing Our Part to Use Less, Repurpose More

At the beginning of each New Year we try to look at the prior year and pick out a few thing that we are proud of; things that we think make a small difference.

For me, this is the daily effort the Blue Goose makes to limit their waste. Some of it makes sense from a business stand point, some of it we think is just a good thing to do for the environment.

This year the Blue Goose has sold hundreds of candles. These were candles all poured into wine bottles that came from our shop in Saint Marys, GA. We take the bottles to the Blue Goose on Main, in Irwinton and make candles from them. The half that we don’t currently use for any projects have gone to crafty folks in the neighborhood who have done a variety of projects with them.

We also use our wine bottles on our tables and a couple of times this year we have used them for painting classes.

More recycling efforts include, magnets from our craft beer tops, to-go drink holders from our used craft beer packaging, pieces of boxes for signs in the shop, digital receipts for customers, empty Jittery Joes cans are used for our Kids Coloring Cans and in lots of other ways. We also send all of our to-go sandwiches out in brown bags, rather than styrofoam boxes and our Blue Goose coolers get “borrowed” for the day, used and returned.

We’re always looking for new ways to use less, repurpose more and do our part for the environment … for this I am very proud.