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Who stays in Irwinton?

Who stays at the Blue Goose on Main and why would anyone come to Irwinton to spend the night?

We get this questions a lot, so I thought I’d take a stab at an answer.

Looking back at the calendar of guest staying at the Blue Goose, I realize what a varied group has stayed with us.

We’ve had cyclists, of course, that what we planned on attracting. We’ve had a guy from London cycling from the west coast to the east coast. Last week we had a family cycling from Ann Arbor to Key West. We’ve have single riders and groups come to Irwinton to … just ride. They ride, grill, maybe have a beer to two, talk bikes, laugh, argue, clean up the dishes, sleep and ride more the next day. Wilkinson county has quiet, driver friendly roads, good support throughout the county, and enough hills to keep it interesting. Yes, we know after three years in business that cyclists will come to Irwinton to ride.

The non-cycling guest are a fairly diverse group. We’ve had a pastor, meeting with the selection committee, an organic garden inspector checking out the local farms in middle GA, a storyteller traveling to area libraries, a yoga instructor from NC passing through, a group from Germany on their way to Savannah, an audiologist, doctoral student interviewing for a job in Macon, a great guy from Colorado who took a job with Geico, looking for a small town experience before moving to Macon, a pipe welder from Colorado working in the area. In the mix we’ve had guest that have family or family activities around the county.The list is growing at a steady rate and for that we are thankful.

A few weeks ago, we had a couple from Alabama passing through. They were looking for somewhere local on a Saturday night. We sent them to Thompson’s Cove. Somehow they got turned around and ended up asking directions at the Dollar General in Irwinton. The ladies started giving directions and ended up saying, ‘just follow me’. They all had a great time and a dinner they won’t forget. Next weekend we have an art retreat going on with an instructor from Florida and her group. Every week, we add to the list of why people come to Irwinton, and every week, it gets more varied.

Hope this helped answer the question.

Travel safe,


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Hiding from the hurricane last fall.
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